Monday, April 4, 2011

BREAKING: Michael Sabo's Hearing (No News)

Michael Sabo, alleged molester and poster of child pornography, did not even appear in court today.

A source who attended the hearing says that Sabo's lawyer, Schwartz, did not appear either. A different lawyer served as a backup for him. As has been the case for the last 10 hearings or so, the lawyer requested more time. Unlike the other times, however,
the judge got annoyed, pointing out that "we can't keep pushing it off." The next hearing was scheduled for April 29th. The judge mentioned that Sabo himself need not attend that hearing either. Judging by today's hearing, Sabo will probably not attend that one either.

Who can blame Sabo? He still claims to be innocent, and he has no reason to want to display himself in handcuffs. I guess it hasn't really sunk into his mind that he is a real criminal. Don't worry, he'll have plenty of time to let it sink in once he's behind bars. Take a look at his rap sheet!

(Sorry I can't find the list of charges right now, since it was just taken off the court website. Keep searching WebCrims, the court website. it will soon be up.)

Hey, I know he's only "allegedly" guilty... but when children get up and accuse a complete stranger, it's hard not to believe them.

ADDED 2:16 am: More details have just come to light about the hearing. When Sabo's attorney arrived, he spoke to the court officer about bringing in his client. The conversation was quiet, but it seemed he was worried about where his client was. After waiting for about 20 minutes to be called up, he finally got his turn. He told the judge he was "waiving the appearance of his client."
The judge then asked him a question, to which the attorney did not know how to answer (since he is not the regular lawyer on the case - he was only a stand-in.) That was when the judge said that they must have a hearing with the regular lawyer, and suggested April 29. The stand-in attorney asked for more time (probably was prepped to say that by the regular attorney), and the judge emphatically refused, saying that it was time for this to go to trial.

Hopefully, as this "alleged" criminal is brought to justice, more victims will have the motivation to come out and talk about their abuse. I believe that the justice system is slowly becoming more heavy-handed on child molestation, because they are getting hammered by our community to do something about it. After all, the justice system has always reflected the general views of society about what is considered justice. When we tell them unequivocally that we will not tolerate abuse, they will respond by punishing abusers more harshly. That is a historical fact.

The people who had the courage to come out with their stories of abuse, despite unbelieveable harassment, have had a tremendous impact on how abuse is treated in the courts, and they are responsible for the many more victims who are starting to come forward.

Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg has done a tremendous amount to expose the ineptness and corruption in the justice system that allows molesters to continue to molest unmolested, if you catch my drift.We hope to see the day when the fear will move from the hearts of the abused and take up permanent lodging in the hearts of abusers and would-be abusers.

Every case of an abuser that gets locked up strikes fear in would-be molesters hearts. No longer will this community cover up for them. No longer will they be allowed to take advantage of our unprotected children, because we are protecting them (finally). We don't listen to "Rabbis" who tell us that it is mesira to report an abuser; we listen to the Torah, which tells us that mesira does not apply when we are protecting people from harm, and which says "Do not stand [by idly] on your fellow's blood."

Thank you to all survivors and their families who came forward despite the difficulty. This entire (eerily silent) community owes you their lives and the lives of all their future generations. Without you, Yiddishkeit in America would be kicked back to the Stone Age.

Read about Sabo on Survivors for Justice


  1. Thanks for updating, Yoily. Will post on the FB page and the yasher Koach site.

  2. Thanks again! It's really eerily quiet around Brooklyn... Nobody seems to even know about any of this. At least some people are spreading the word.