Sunday, May 8, 2011

Call Your Senator: Same-Gender Marriage Bill

In the next couple of weeks, the New York State Senate will vote on a bill legalizing gay marriage. I don't need to point out what's wrong with that, since my target audience is frum people. But I would like to ask everyone: Do you want your kids seeing people acting on their illness (click to read a frum psychologist's perspective on this)? Right now, we can see lots of love going on in the streets, but we can rationalize that away. Big deal, so our kids will know about male-female relationships. But do you want your kids seeing gay couples honeymooning on 13th avenue?

Here is what a New York senator wrote to President Obama, after he supported the legalization of gay marriage.

Contact your senator. It's easy! Go to and right there on the homepage, you can enter your address to find out who your senator is. Then, you can contact him by email right from that web page. His phone number will be there, too.

We voted these people into office, because we needed the money that the Democrats were offering our schools. Well, listen up, people: our schools can close up shop with the education our kids will be getting once gay marriage is legal.

What is disgusting is how, as usual, our Rabbonim are not saying a word on the subject. Where is the outrage? Don't our Rabbonim care? Or is money the only thing that matters to us these days?

I shouldn't talk, learning in a state-funded yeshiva. But can I afford to be silent? Can any of us?

As Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg said this Friday on his hotline: They might not listen to you, but you have to know that you protested. Rabbi Rosenberg says it's between you and Hashem; I say, it's between you and your own humanity.

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